Peterson’s Waterfront Rental Program

Can’t make your trip to Lake Chelan this year?

Do you want to rent your condo? Peterson’s Waterfront fields several calls everyday from persons seeking rentals. If you know you will be unable to use your condo, you might want to consider putting it in the Rental Pool. Rental contracts may be obtained by calling the front desk or by clicking on the links provided.

Rental Agency agreement has to be on file with the front desk in order to rent out your timeshare or full ownership condos. Contact the front desk for a copy or click on the links provided.

Allowing a Guest to Use Your Unit without legal owner present

You must complete a Guest of Owner Usage Form when allowing someone to occupy your unit when a legal owner is not present as we will not allow occupancy without permission.  It is also very important that your guests are aware of the maximum occupancy convenant enforced by the association.  If your guests tell you that they will have 6 people occupying your unit and 9 show up to register we will not allow entry into the unit until the matter is resolved. Guests are also not allowed in your unit if you have an unpaid balance on your account. Please be sure to share the rules and regulations with your guests so they may avoid any fines and penalties by not adhering to the resort rules.