Procedure to sell Timeshares

  1. Please review Peterson’s Waterfront Timeshare Transfer and Resale Policy.  Due to several fraudlent timeshare selling companies your association has adopted a Timeshare Transfer and Resale Policy.  We apoplogize for any inconvenice but fraudulent transfers contribute to the large sum within our allowance for doubful accounts.  This measure is to protect other owner’s who are diligent in paying their fees but end up ultimately having to pay for non-payors.
  2. Check with Peterson’s Waterfront for balance on account. Balance must be paid in full prior to or out of sales proceeds at escrow closing.
  3. Understand your obligations to any vacation clubs you belong to or are involved in that are tied to your unit.
  4. Prepare a Purchase and Sale agreement to be signed by both buyer and seller.
  5. It’s recommended you Contact First American Title of Chelan 509-682-5623 to order title and open Escrow. Escrow will prepare all necessary closing documents for signatures and record sale with Chelan County.In the event you decide not to go through escrow you will need to prepare all necessary documents to close the transaction including but not limited to the Deed and Excise Tax affidavit. When all documents are completed and signed, you will need to record the sale with Chelan County.
  6. Within 10-days following mutually execution of the Purchase & Sale Agreement seller is required to provide Buyer with a Condominium Resale Certificate as required by State Law (RCW 64.34.425).  Contact Peterson’s to order.  There is a $100 Charge for preparation and delivery.
  7. As an alternative you may transfer ownership by Quit Claim Deed. You will need to prepare a Quit Claim Deed and Tax Affidavit to record with Chelan County. Generally used when transferring ownership between relatives.
  8. PLEASE send Petersons a copy of the purchase and sale agreement and the deed signed by the seller and buyer after it is recorded with the county. We will verify transfer of deed with the county prior to updating our records.The above information is intended to provide sellers with commonly used procedures recommended to complete the sale of your timeshare condominium. We recommend you contact a Real Estate Broker or Attorney to prepare documents and facilitate the closing of your transaction.

Chelan County Assessor
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