Debra Wheeler

Position: Treasurer

Timeshare Owner
Mt Vernon, WA
2023-2024 (Non-Voting)

I have lived in Washington since 1974. I have livered here since my enlistment in the US Army ended. I worked as a cost accountant for Morse Hardware in Bellingham before joining the Air National Guard. The Air National Guard trained me as an active duty Air Force Recruiter. My office was in Bellingham Washington. I served in those positions for 8 years. I have owned several small businesses. I worked for Sears for 12 years in varied management positions before being self-employed for 19 years. I have worked as a Manager for a large retail store chain for the last 5 years.

I believe that PWOA is at a crossroads. It is a beautiful family friendly environment in a wonderful area of the Pacific Northwest. Maintaining it while meeting the needs of the timeshare/full share owners is critical. I strongly believe in maintenance however I also believe in budgeting and communication. I want to see those areas improve and rather than just hope it will happen, I want to help it happen.

I feel I would bring a budget conscience presence to the Board. I have worked in and with organizations and budgets my entire working life. I have always worked with multiple personalities and know the value of a team approach to solving problems. I have a vested interest in seeing Peterson’s maintain its value as I have been a time share owner of multiple weeks for many years.